<![CDATA[Automatic Poker - Blog]]>Wed, 21 Mar 2018 22:25:46 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[What I Am Doing Lately]]>Sun, 04 Mar 2018 22:59:01 GMThttp://automaticpoker.com/blog/what-i-am-doing-latelyI've had a couple of people ask me where I have been lately. I wanted to let everyone know that I am still here!

I actually just spent a lot of money getting help on making Automatic Poker better for everyone. I am working hard on revamping the website, writing new articles, etc. It's in my plan to get back to doing YouTube videos and such asap. I think (hope) everyone will like the website better when it is done.

I will include a lot more content going forward, answering specific questions people ask in long articles. I also want to write a long guide on the basics on poker, a tutorial for beginning to intermediate players to get them up to speed on playing strong fundamental poker.

​Right now, I am writing a lot of basic stuff, getting to more advanced things again soon. It's a 3-month plan, hopefully, I stay on schedule or get it done faster!

Here is and article I just wrote.
 I know, I know, basic stuff.. but I need to fill all that kind of stuff in first before I move on to longer more juicy content!

My apologies for seemingly not doing much lately, it's totally not the case. I am putting in hours upon hours on improving everything for everyone. I want to become one of the best poker authority sites around, and give regular people (like me and you) a great resource for learning and getting better at poker.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support. I will keep everyone up to date on my progress. Please let me know in the comments if there is any content you specifically want to see.

Keep crushing and talk to you soon!

<![CDATA[Winning Poker Concept: Representing]]>Thu, 18 Jan 2018 05:00:00 GMThttp://automaticpoker.com/blog/winning-poker-concept-representingWatch my latest video about the importance of understanding what our opponents are thinking about.  ​https://youtu.be/U2J6TL7c8xw
<![CDATA[The Levels Of Poker Thinking]]>Fri, 12 Jan 2018 14:59:25 GMThttp://automaticpoker.com/blog/the-levels-of-poker-thinkingCheck out my latest video, which is about revamping how we think about the levels of poker with the goal of easier implementation to enhance our thought processes.
<![CDATA[Converting Poker Theory Into Winnings]]>Thu, 21 Sep 2017 02:05:27 GMThttp://automaticpoker.com/blog/converting-poker-theory-into-winningsCheck out my latest video where I discuss the difference between poker strategy and tactics and how we can improve our decision making process by taking a page out of a chess master's playbook.
After watching this, my hope is that you have a renewed sense of direction in your journey toward improvement and mastering the game.

<![CDATA[Spare Change Challenge Complete!]]>Mon, 04 Sep 2017 13:25:12 GMThttp://automaticpoker.com/blog/spare-change-challenge-completeYes, I know.. my last blog post said I was "renewing" the challenge. However, I did some soul searching in August and finally came to the conclusion that I just didn't have the time and energy to devote myself fully to the effort. I have decided to move on from it and, instead, focus on the writing and coaching.

However, that is not to say that the challenge was not a success. On the contrary! I was able to take $25.66 last November, and turn it into over $4,000 in less than 6 months. And that included a $2,000 downswing! Who knows what might have happened if I had just run a bit better at 400NL (Go here to pick up where the 400NL shot began). Even so, I am not going to sit around and whine about what might have been. Instead, I am celebrating the accomplishment of proving that one can take a small sum of money and, rather rapidly, grow it into a substantial side income from poker!

I won't recap the challenge in this post, as I covered it fairly extensively on a YouTube post. Instead, I will tell you some of my ideas and goals going forward.
  1. Finish my 2nd book: This is a priority for me. It has been a work in progress since 2013 and I have over 90,000 words written so far! To put that in context, the first book was just over 80,000 words. I feel I finally am at a place, experience wise, that I can put the final touches on it. My targets are rough draft by end of year, editing done for a Spring publication.
  2. Offer a micro-stakes poker challenge to anyone who is interested: I am working on the details, but my idea is to provide the strategy for people to follow and offer prizes to the winners. Stay tuned, I should have announcement on this front soon.
  3. Publish more YouTube strategy videos: This one is self-explanatory. I want to keep providing quality content to viewers. By the way, if you have any video ideas.. I am all ears. Email me at automaticpoker@gmail.com.
Thanks to everyone who followed along on my Spare Change Challenge journey! I am both grateful for your support and appreciative to have met so many amazing people along the way. The pilgrimage back through micro-stakes was both a humbling and gratifying experience at the same time. I was happy to prove that poker is not dead and that we can still make money from this frustrating and exhilarating game.

Have a good month everyone. May you drag much cheese into your rathole!

Ever Upward!]]>